Initiatives 2020/2021


Wisdom Against Racism is a commmunity interest company that has revolutionary methods, techniques and attitudes to empower young people to navigate, disarm and challenge racism.

We provide practical uncompromising solutions to a very old problem.


We have had the privilege of mentoring hundreds of young people. The most fulfilling aspect has always been hearing how access to relevent eduction and skills provided a sense of value and belonging, and in turn we’ve always received enthusiasm, fascination and their full attention.


We’ve found solutions for a spectrum of young people, from those disengaged and chosing to voluntarily stay after school, to young people that are academically high achievers, but anxious about racism and bias limiting their options.


We know there is no lack of talent or enthusiasm. Our young people are motivated and looking for a place to go. The door for them to flourish has only been cracked open a little. We are going to give them the tools to knock the door down.


We believe it is now time to modernise the methods previously used and to take a fresh approach to addressing the problems and challenges faced by young people. We are taking a closer, more critical and honest look at the systematic and societal barriers faced by many in there education, work and personal life.

A video streaming application/website, 
created with the sole purpose of
empowering young people to

Our Mission

  • Work towards a more united, equal, cohesive, post-racial society.

  • Empower people to navigate, disarm and challenge racism.

  • To provide an area where white people can comfortably examine their racial literacy.

  • Encourage people to recognise, empathise and collaborate in retrofitting true equality into our society.

Why we do what we do

It is no longer debatable whether white children see the world through a different lens than black and brown children. Therefore it is no longer acceptable to passively allow the resulting  inequality and confusion to continue.


Wisdom Against Racism believes it is possible to have a society that gives confidence and a sense of value to every child, young person and adult equally.

  Artwork by Ricardo Chavez

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