Mentoring, teaching and training you to
navigate, disarm and challenge racism

What is AWARE?

AWARE is Wisdom Against Racism's 'boots on the ground', working in primary schools, young adult education centres/institutions and places of work. We provide mentoring to young adults, teaching to children and training for employers and their employees.

With lived experienced experts from the black community, providing a comfortable safe environment to discuss all aspects of racism in a progressive and empowering way.


We offer our mentees a unique and honest experience. Racism impacts many aspects of their lives, directly or indirectly. When it does, we aim to ensure the pain is minimal and at best very short lived. We provide our mentees with the tools and education they need in an easy to understand, fun and practical way.
We encourage understanding of many subjects including finance, politics, history and personal wellbeing. We can guarantee a greater understanding of how to navigate, disarm and challenge racism.

Key facts

  • Mentees gain an increased awareness of their personal strengths and abilities

  • Mentees learn to connect their strengths and interests to potential experiences in personal and work life

  • Mentees gain an awareness of their future, and by being inspired gain an increased sense of hope

  • Mentees learn and think with the addition of an older mind to collaborate with


Wisdom Against Racism was inspired by an 8-year-old, mixed-heritage boy from Manchester, UK.
His father was frustrated that with a 40 years gap between their ages the national curriculum at best contained nothing more than symbolic tokens towards his son's rich history, culture and contribution to society and arguably more importantly civilisation.

Outside school, Black achievements and contributions have been shadowed by the constant and selective exposure of white achievements.

For example, it seemed the options were, Egyptian exhibitions that barely referenced Africa and slavery museums. Something had to change.

We offer subtle, fun and entertaining workshops for children to learn and think about the world they are growing up in. The worst thing we can do for children, black and white is to make them colour blind.


With over 20 years of experience in the advertising, media and marketing industries Dominic Bruce, the founder of Wisdom Against Racism has unique insight and experience of being a person of mixed heritage (black) in a corporate environment. We've built courses, workshops and talks from his own personal experiences, as well as collaborating with colleagues of many complexions including white to achieve a holistic experience.

Creating a safe, positive, progressive and humourous arena, we will have open and sometimes uncomfortable discussions without judgement, but most importantly will leave as better people.

The reward

Providing a truly diverse and equal workplace is a great motivator for employers.
An all-inclusive working environment, with people being able to come to work as their authentic selves, leads to greater productivity, employee retention and maximisation of everybody's potential.

After completing lessons, courses or/and workshops, Wisdom Against Racism accreditations will be awarded.


Mentoring - A     Wisdom Against Racism Exemplar Certificate

Teaching -   A     Wisdom Against Racism Exemplar Certificate

Training -    A     Wisdom Against Racism Employee Certificate

Training -    A     Wisdom Against Racism Employer wall plaque, certificate, recognition on our media and website

Interested in being an AWARE mentor, teacher or trainer?

If you share our passion for helping young adults and/or the black community, you should be part of our campaign.

Wisdom Against Racism is a diverse team of black, brown and white people from many different backgrounds, working to empower all people to navigate, disarm and challenge racism.

Initially, we will ask you to show us an example of your own talk or workshop which should be based on your life experiences. If required, we will help to enhance your talk or workshop to ensure it is engaging, entertaining and educational.

Some of our work is paid, most is not. Fees would be established on a case-by-cases. All our work is rewarding.

Working with us you may:

  • Gain the opportunity to reflect on your own development.

  • Develop key skills such as listening, questioning, facilitation, empathising and rapport building.

  • Develop your own confidence and self-esteem from providing support to others.

  • Feel more involved and that you are giving something back to society.

  • Extend your own people development experience.

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All successful applicants will require CRB/DBS approval.


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