The app that empowers you to navigate, disarm and challenge racism

What is MUSA?

MUSA is a unique platform where people can find the knowledge, wisdom and techniques to live a life unobstructed by racism or bias. MUSA is a database of empowering and informative videos designed to help people navigate a system which is still trying to find its feet in the area of diversity, equality and prejudice.

Features include videos with integrated questions, activities and printable worksheets ready for use at home or in an educational setting.
The option for users to create and upload their own educational videos will also be available in future developments.
MUSA can be used across a number of devices, from mobile phones to desktop computers.

What is MUSA's unique selling point?

Research shows that pupils who are emotionally healthy do better at school, with this in mind, our goal is to help children, as well as adults to achieve their potential by supporting their wellbeing and tackling issues that can affect their ability to learn, such as anxiety, low self-esteem and racism.

We want to provide a platform that will help develop crucial skills and aptitudes, these attributes are invaluable when navigating the challenges and opportunities of the modern world, and are increasingly valued by employers. We know that when people of colour are exposed to events, heroes and mentors that they can relate to, it can create a greater sense of belonging and is essential to personal growth.

Why is MUSA needed?

MUSA gives people the skills, understanding and attributes they need to navigate and prepare for life and work. Unfortunately, we can’t always stop the confusing, upsetting and unfortunate scenarios that may happen as a result of racism and bias, whether they are intentional or not, but we can ensure people are equipped to confidently challenge racism when needed. We also want to educate those who are not directly affected by racism, as well as people who may have inadvertently committed a racist act, to understand victims and learn about the challenges they face.

Why is MUSA important?

MUSA helps people of all ages become confident and thrive in what is a predominantly biased society. We want to help people to make responsible decisions in what can be uncomfortable, and sometimes compromising situations, enabling them to succeed in their education, work and community by supporting a feeling of empowerment and value. MUSA helps and motivates people to manage many of the challenges and responsibilities they may face in life with confidence. 98% of the educators and young people we asked agreed that MUSA would serve as an integral tool to assist, educate and empower its users.

Why is MUSA a necessary supplement to the national curriculum?

Unfortunately, most of MUSA's content is not yet taught in schools or even spoke of in the mainstream media. We know that this kind of content is crucial to feel like a fully affiliated member of society, we therefore believe that schools and the media have an obligation to provide access and coverage.


The Education Act 2002 requires all schools to teach a curriculum that is "broadly based, balanced and meets the needs of pupils". Schools must "promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society, and prepare pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life" while having a duty to keep pupils safe. To fulfil this requirement MUSA is an essential asset to schools and institutions. MUSA provides an answer to many of the unanswered questions that can arise from an education system centred on a curriculum which is largely irrelevant to a lot of people. For example, Ofsted does not assess schools in their ability to ensure ALL children are aware of their heritage and culture, and schools are not judged on how they prepare students to deal with the racism and bias that they will inevitably encounter throughout their lives. We hope that one-day, Ofsted will use MUSA and similar platforms to monitor how children of colour are exposed to their history, culture and existence.

Why is MUSA important to parents?

An overwhelming majority of parents support the view that schools should prepare children for life and work, not just for exams.  All the parents we asked said that MUSA should be integrated into schools, youth offender institutes and prisons.
We believe that parents will welcome a partnership between home and school. They want to support their children’s personal and social development and help them to deal with issues of increasing complexity, such as mental health and staying safe, both online and offline.


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