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The Need

"It is not possible to immediately end racism, but we can educate ourselves and the next generation to navigate, challenge and disarm it. We have for too long accepted a young person having minimal understanding and awareness of a subject that can fundamentally impact their personality, confidence and potential. We have an obligation to ensure prejudice, discrimination and racism do not pollute the next generation as it has previous. Wisdom Against Racism's mission is to provide mentors, educators and teachers with the resources they need to empower young people, regardless of the pigment of their skin, to live their best life."

Aysha Khanom

Managing Director, Wisdom Against Racism CIC




Racism is the mother of race. Young people need to reset their comprehension of the world in order to improve it, and themselves. Racism is a learned behaviour and can therefore be unlearned. Knowledge is the foundation that wisdom is built on. Wisdom is what young people need in order to resist the daily forces and influences on them in today's society. Producing educational resources in every media relative to disarming racism, Wisdom Against Racism provides that essential knowledge.




Mentoring is our passion. Mentors are a key part to turning knowledge into wisdom. We are devoted to ensuring every young person has a mentor that can give them a clear understanding of how racism plays a part in society. We are dedicated to supporting young people understand racism to ensure they do not perpetrate it, our leave themselves ill-equipped to respond to it.




Courage is the mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty. This is an essential trait in a world that has convinced young people and many old that its imperfections are accidental, as opposed to engineered.




Racism is based on a myth created by a group of people to justify the enslavement of another group. Racism exists, but there is only one race, rendering the myth to being merely a white supremacist dream.

We aim to empower young people with not only the knowledge to know that racism is a myth, but the wisdom to disarm it.

Our aims for our mentees and students are...

  • Gain complete understanding of how racism operates in society and who supports it.

  • Become equipped to navigate, challenge and disarm racism.

  • Serve society by encouraging equality, empathy and understanding in themselves, their friends, family and community.

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