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The Solution

Wisdom Against Racism CIC are a forward thinking, progressive organisation that has an unrivalled understanding of the challenges that black and brown young people face.  Having over 292 years of accumulated wisdom, the team knows what it takes to overcome the barriers, challenges and frustrations they have faced in their personal and professional lives.

We are a national multimedia educational resource provider delivering initiatives, opportunity and support to people and organisations who share our anti-racism ethos.

We provide initiatives, opportunities, support to people and organisations committed to tackling racism. This is done with mentoring, creating online and classroom educational resources, supporting youth organisation collaboration and providing platforms for young people to flourish,


Every generation before has left their children with more opportunity, prosperity, wealth and stability. As much as this older generation has made technological and material advances, we have been suppressed into not giving our young people an honest account of society and the role race plays in it.






"For many white parents, the process of socializing their children is an unalloyed good, an uncomplicated part of child-rearing that poses no real threat. For the mothers I spoke with, immersing their children in a school’s culture meant hoping they’d get what they needed academically without sustaining too much damage to their sense of self."

Dani McClain, The Atlantic


This is a regular issue for parents who contact Wisdom Against Racism and also echoes the feedback we have from our mentees and students.

Our mission is to ensure all young people feel their educational experience was relevant and inclusive of them and their needs.

The flagship initiative of Wisdom Against Racism has been the creation of an app/website comprising a broad spectrum of carefully curated wisdom, education and inspiration - content that everyone at Wisdom Against Racism wishes they had when they were growing up.  Whether black, brown or white, young people now look to their technology to provide knowledge, guidance and support to make sense of their world.  We believe that the MUSA app/website will engage the young people by delivering a contemporary and accessible package of relevant, familiar and educational material direct or via organisations and schools.


The technical and design aspects of this easy-to-use app/website have been developed by Manchester-based award-winning brand communications agency Mosquito, bringing both a visual and an accessibility aligned with Wisdom Against Racisms ethos.  The content offers an extensive range of videos, selected for their empowering and informative quality, spanning themes such as history, debates, political analysis, interviews, documentaries and knowledge from philosophers, leaders, and mentors.  Associated downloadable modules, workshop resources, activity sheets and integrated quizzes provide a practical and interactive dimension.


The MUSA app/website has  been designed to serve as a classroom tool of engagement, supplementing and enhancing the school curriculum.


Most importantly MUSA is unique in its capability to breakdown, analyse and provide feedback of user activity, behaviour and scores, thus providing host educational organisations and schools with a real time measure of impact and engagement.

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Accessed by smartphone, tablet, or computer

  • 24/7 availability

  • Hundreds of educational videos providing a holistic historical and modern understanding of racism

  • Teachings and examples of how to navigate, challenge and disarm racism

  • Lectures and talks from the world's leading anti-racism campaigners

  • Documentaries, debates, politics, animations and talks

  • Integrated video multiple choice questions

  • Printable activity sheets and modules for classroom or group discussions

  • Teacher/Educator back office to monitor user engagement



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Downloadable/printable modules are available from the MUSA app/website.

Designed by Wisdom Against Racism, these modules are a relevant, informative and thought-provoking.

To be used by mentors or teachers as handouts or presentations, they are guaranteed to engage young people in learning and conversation.




Engagement analytics enables mentors and teachers to analyse mentee and students engagement. Real time analysis of videos watched, three latest scores in video integrated questions and dates watched.



The resilience, determination and courage that black and brown young people have in a world that constantly gives them unique challenges that other young people do not have to tackle. For too long the finger has pointed at them as being the problem. That finger is now reluctantly turning on itself.


We like to recognise and award our young people as ambassadors for Wisdom Against Racism. Our accreditation scheme holds them up as beacons for the future and credits them for having gained the ability to navigate, challenge and disarm racism.

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