The Team

Wisdom Against Racism’s team has 292 years of personal experience in navigating, challenging and disarming racism to succeed in their personal life, education and employment. A passionate, determined, successful, experienced team.


  • 135 years as black/brown students in the UK education system

  • 82 years as black/brown employees and employers in the corporate environment.

  • 22 years as a black/brown employee working in education.

  • 30 years as a black/brown employee of the NHS

  • 23 years working with grassroots youth organisations in the black/brown community


Experience with the overt racism of 1969 to the subtle bias of today. Wisdom Against Racism is unrivalled in its real-life experience, creative and innovative approach to finding new solutions to benefit the next generation with knowledge and skills that have been proven to work.

Dominic Bruce

Wisdoom Against Racism CIC

CEO & Founder

Karen Bonner

Wisdom Against Racism


Chief Nurse & Director at Buckinghamshire Health Care NHS Trust

Lynton Hemsley

Wisdom Against Racism


CEO Hemsley Creative Strategies

Aysha Khanom

Wisdom Against Racism


CEO The Race Trust

Ismael Lea South

Wisdom Against Racism


CEO The Salam Project

Justin Onuekwusi

Wisdom Against Racism


Fund Manager Legal & General

Anthony Diver

Wisdom Against Racism


CEO Mosquito Digital

Mubarak Panti

Wisdom Against Racism

MUSA Developer

Senior Developer Mosquito Digital

Craig Ince

Wisdom Against Racism


CEO OYPT Champagne and cocktail bars

Kal Gill-Faci

Wisdom Against Racism


Chartered Architect and RIBA

Wisdom Against Racism CIC

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